Ted Lennon
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June 15, 2010

Hank Williams spins
honkey tonk blues.
‘no matter how I struggle and try ill never get out of this world alive.’

building a wooden fence.
carpentry : another form of songwriting.
struck w a melody while swinging the hammer
‘Lightning rose’ the song wrote itself.
picked up pencil sat down at piano.

Started scribbling g.
neil young said that if songs aren’t coming to you go do something else like mow your lawn.
Inspiration is fickle.
I have gotten more out of the living of  songs than the songs themselves. There wouldn’t be songs if it wasn’t for living. Falling on Love. Raising children and chickens.
In this wild countryside the song of the bird sings freely. There is no charge or cover at the tree to experience a live concert.
Nature. the purest source. go forward this is the day.  your day