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Feb 12, 2011

Been working on song arrangements for the upcoming album ‘Helio’.
A few of the tracks have a bit of a motown feel. I find it helpful to work off of the piano for ideas. The piano is such a powerful instrument…it resonates through my whole being. This album is taking longer than I expected but  I have learned not to rush these things to completion. I have the gift of time because I don’t have some corporation telling me I have to be done yesterday.  If all goes smooth I am hoping to be done by end of September.

I have been reading ‘The Power of Myth’  by Joseph Campbell. What a great book!  Here is an excerpt that stood out to me:

“Poets are simply those who have made a profession and a lifestyle of being  in touch with their bliss. Most people are concerned with other things. They get themselves involved in economic and political activities, or get drafted to a war that isn’t  the one they are interested in...
“When I taught in a boys’ prep school, I used to talk to the boys who were trying to make up their minds as to what their careers were going to be.  A boy would come to me and ask, “Do you think I can do this? Do you think I can do that? Do you think I can be a writer?”
“Oh, I would say,  “I don’t know. Can you endure 10 years of disappointment with nobody responding to you, or are you thinking that you are going to write a best-seller the first crack? If you have the guts to stay with the thing  you really want, no matter what happens, well,  go ahead.”

Perserverance is the key to life. Don’t let it bring you down. My older brother used to have 5 or 6 of us kids trying to tackle him in front yard football…the last 10 yards to the goal line he would be dragging us around his feet, one of us on his back, another around his neck, and somehow he managed to cross that line for a touchdown. I think of my brother when life has got a hold on me and is trying to bring me down. I keep trudging with the belief that I will cross that goal line.

I’ll close with one from good ol’Bob Dylan: “You’ve got to be able to feel your dream before anyone else is aware of it.”


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